High-Side Tables: The Ultimate Statement Piece in 2023

High-Side Tables for Living Room

In the world of design, trends come and go. Some stand the test of time, while others fade away quickly. As we look ahead to 2023, we’re seeing a new trend emerge: the rise of high-side tables. In this article, we’ll explore what high-side tables are, why they’re becoming more popular, and how you can incorporate them into your home or office.

What Exactly Are High-Side Tables?

High-side tables are a type of furniture that typically stands at hip or waist level. They’re taller than traditional coffee tables or end tables, which makes them ideal for use in smaller spaces or alongside taller furniture pieces like sofas and chairs.

These tables can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and glass. Some have simple, streamlined designs, while others feature intricate details or decorative accents. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, so there’s a high-side table out there for every taste and style.

Why Are High-Side Tables Becoming More Popular?

There are several reasons why high-side tables are becoming more popular in 2023. First and foremost, they’re incredibly versatile. Because they’re taller than traditional coffee tables, they can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can use a high-side table as a plant stand, a lamp table, or even as a minibar.

Another reason for their popularity is their design aesthetic. High-side tables have a modern and contemporary feel that fits well with current design trends. They’re often used in spaces that have a minimalist or Scandinavian-inspired vibe.

Finally, high-side tables are functional. They offer additional storage and surface space without taking up a lot of room. This is especially important in small living spaces, where every square inch counts.

They’re Space-Saving

High-side tables are an excellent choice for those who want to maximize their living space. Their narrow profile means they can fit in tight spaces, such as next to a sofa, a chair, or even in a corner. Unlike a bulky coffee table or a larger side table, high side tables take up less floor space, giving you more room to move around.

Additionally, high-side tables are perfect for creating a sense of openness in a room, especially if you have limited space. By choosing a high-side table, you can maintain an uncluttered, minimalist aesthetic while still having a functional table that fits your needs. Whether you live in a small apartment or a cozy studio, or simply want to make the most out of your living space, a high-side table can be a great addition to your home.

How Can You Incorporate High Side Tables Into Your Space?

If you’re interested in incorporating high-side tables into your home or office, there are several ways to do so. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Use them as bedside tables: High-side tables work well as bedside tables because they provide additional surface space without taking up a lot of floor space. Plus, they’re tall enough to be within arm’s reach while lying in bed.
  2. Create a mini bar: If you enjoy entertaining, consider using a high-side table as a minibar. You can store glasses, bottles, and other bar accessories on the table and use the surface to mix and serve drinks.
  3. Display plants: High-side tables are the perfect height for displaying plants. You can use them to create a mini indoor garden or to showcase a few of your favorite potted plants.
  4. Use them in small living spaces: If you live in a small apartment or have limited space, high-side tables can be a great solution. They provide additional surface space without taking up too much room and can be easily moved around as needed.
  5. Use them as accent tables: Finally, high-side tables can be used as accent tables throughout your space. You can place them next to a sofa or chair to create a cozy reading nook, or use them to display decorative objects like candles or vases.

They come in a variety of styles.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern design, or something more traditional, high-side tables are available in a range of styles and materials to suit your taste. From wood to metal and everything in between, there is sure to be a high-side table that fits your design scheme perfectly.

Overall, the rise of high-side tables is a trend that we expect to see continue for many years to come. By incorporating one into your design scheme, you can add both practicality and style to your space, making it a trend that is well worth jumping on board with.


What are high-side tables? 

High-side tables are tall and slender tables that are typically used as a decorative or functional addition to a room’s design.

Why are high-side tables becoming popular in 2023?

High-side tables are becoming popular in 2023 because they offer a space-saving solution that adds height and visual interest to a room. They are also available in a range of styles and materials to suit any design scheme.

Where can I use a high-side table in my home?

High-side tables are perfect for smaller spaces, such as hallways or next to sofas or chairs, where a larger table might not fit. They are also great for displaying decorative items such as vases, sculptures, or lamps.

What materials are high-side tables available in?

High-side tables are available in a range of materials, including wood, metal, and glass. They are also available in a variety of styles, from sleek and modern to more traditional designs.

How do high-side tables differ from regular side tables?

High-side tables are taller and narrower than regular side tables, making them a space-saving solution that adds height and visual interest to a room. Regular side tables are typically shorter and wider and may offer more storage or surface space.