Sofa Express

A Short History

Being a pioneer in the furniture industry for over six decades the name Sofa Express become a special brand of its own for furnitures in the American cities. Started by Towny Quinn a Columbus businessman with a humble note in the year 1959 the company has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past and stands tall among its competitors. The furniture company runs stores in cities like Ohio, Florida, the Carolinas and Tennessee and has a sale of $ 200 million in the recent times.

The role Of Furniture In Homes And Offices

The so called furniture offers a perfect decoration to homes as well as in work places. Apart from its functionalities the furniture are viewed as essential pieces of a household or even office. Hence one has to think about the comforts and design of this furniture while searching for them in the normal stores or even in the online stores.  Also one can find some other extra benefits which can be enjoyed while buying these items from the reputed furniture stores. Above all getting the right furniture offers a great amount of mental as well as emotional satisfaction to the buyers especially while moving to the new homes.


Sofa ExpressWhy Sofa Express Stores Offer Unique Buying Experience

All the Sofa Express stores located in the American cities offer a great and unique buying experience to the customers. As these stores supply the best home and office furniture for many decades the company has become a household name in most of the American homes. Undoubtedly the chain stores offer a wide range of furniture from the traditional ones to the modern ones. This seems to be the real USP of this great furniture store. If one is looking for the best quality fittings, then probably one should always think of Sofa Express stores in the nearby location.

Why Sofa Express Furniture Stores?

Choosing a right furniture store seems to be a daunting task for many of us. However American homeowners are lucky to have a store like Sofa Express in their nearby places. People love this great furniture store for its unique designs, quality and styles. Above all the dedicated and more knowledgeable staffs in these stores make a real difference in making the bottom line of this great furniture company. All the stores of Sofa Express have great varieties of bedroom sets, dining sets and even entertainment units. Wardrobes, coffee tables, shoe racks and other items add a new dimension to the traditional store which has been in business for the past six decades.

When it comes to bed room furniture different people like different sizes and different shapes of beds. This great furniture giant offers all the different sizes of beds ranging from single beds to King size beds. All these beds are made from expensive woods and some of them are customized as per the needs of the specific orders. As the stores offer all versatile items in a single outlet people always prefer to buy the home furniture from these chain stores which are located in many cities.

Dinning Furniture

The brand Sofa Express is not only known for sofas and other stylish furniture but also offers a wide range of dinning room furniture which is considered to be an important part of the home furniture. As the dinning table looks to be the one of the most essential items in every home, the company offers an exquisite range of dining furniture and accessories in all its stores located in many parts of America.Trendy dining chairs made by these stores attract many visitors from abroad. Some of this dining furniture is even exported to other countries.

Sofa Express Runs Effective Online Operations

In view of going with the stream, the brand Sofa Express offers furniture by online. All the latest models made by the firm can be seen in the website gallery. The unique website also provides all information about the models produced by the company in the recent times.